Getting locked out of your home is a very awful experience.
The worst part is, things like this usually happen at a time when it’s most inconvenient.
Imagine getting locked out after coming home in the middle of the night or when it’s raining heavily.
While house lockout is common among many households, on average, it’s not something that’s taken that seriously.
Why? Some argue that they can always kick down the door, while others say that they can crawl through a window.

What do experts say?

Professional locksmiths view a house lockout as an emergency as too often they’ve experienced situations which resulted in catastrophes because the householder waited too long to call for help.
There are many reasons people get locked out. One of such could be that they’ve lost their keys. But what if someone stole that set of keys? You’ll never know! In such a case, there’s a great possibility that your home might be susceptible to burglary, or someone might want to harm you.
The right step to take is to immediately call a locksmith to rekey your locks or change the main ones.
Another reason house lockout is considered as an emergency is that someone helpless could be locked inside, or maybe you’re not sure if the stove was turned off. The longer you wait outside, the greater the chances are that something bad might happen inside.

What to Do

Getting immediate help to get back inside is the first step to take. Always keep the contact information of an emergency locksmith is your telephone contacts.
Most times,a locksmith will reach you within minutes after the call has ended.

What Not to Do

It’s never a good idea to kick down the door, or to break through a window. This will bring on added expenses, plus the main issue will be left standing.
You’ll still have to call someone to fix the door or to pick the lock if the keys cannot be found.


As mentioned above, get the contact information of an emergency locksmith in case of a house lockout.
You can also keep a spare key with someone who’s trusted, such as a close friend or neighbor.
In addition, if you were locked out due to a lost or stolen key, get the help of a professional locksmith to rekey or change your locks.
Don’t take chances with your life?don’t hesitate to get immediate help when it comes to a house lockout. It’s an emergency!