Transponder keys are car key that provide radio transmission to the car’s ignition, in order to be recognized by the car’s ignition as the real owner of the cat.

With it, it is only that person who has the transponder key who can start the car and drive it.

Here are two useful tips about these keys:

Keep at least two keys When you are to purchase a vehicle with a transponder system, have at least two transponder keys. Do this as your preparation in cases of emergencies, like losing or forgetting the key somewhere.

  • Trust only a certified locksmith to work on your keys
    Replacing or reprogramming your transponder should only be the task of a certified auto locksmith. This makes you more confident about the service.
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Myths About Transponder Keys

Can a vehicle only have one key programmed to fit it?

This is false. The Drive Away Protection Module (the module that protects the vehicle from being stolen, by making sure that the original Transponder key is used when it’s inserted into the ignition) is actually able to recognize more than one transponder code, even though it is not unlimited.

Some vehicles support even 10 or more. Once all 10 slots have been programmed, the module has to be reset. Keep this in mind when purchasing a used car, you may find out how many of the slots have been used and how many mare keys can be made for your family.

It’s not a “factory only” key

Another myth is that a transponder chip may only be programmed at the factory. The fact is that there are various professionals who can access the knowledge, software, and equipment that is necessary in order to program the transponder chip. Dealerships have this capability, as well as numerous automotive locksmiths.

But it’s not meant to be duplicated the DIY way, either…

On the internet there are some websites and videos that claim to be able to teach car owners how to reprogram their keys by themselves, but the truth is that it requires specific knowledge and tools that y professional can access, and it’s even for the better.

To avoid the hassle of taking a chance on a do-it-yourself method but still save some cash, contact a professional automotive locksmith to do the Transponder key replacement.

If the key loses sync, should a new key be ordered?

The truth is that as long as the transponder chip is not damaged, it can be programmed just like a blank key. A dealership might suggest ordering the new key, but an automotive locksmith can likely reprogram the key for you on the spot.

Who Can Replace Transponder Keys?

Automotive locksmith service
When all is said and done, Transponder keys have proved to be reliable and convenient, and there are many specialists who have years of experience in providing emergency Transponder key cutting and programming services.

There are many companies that provide cutting and programming services for all makes and models of cars that are equipped with this type of key, so professional automotive locksmiths usually don’t need much time to do it.

Just like any other type of key, a Transponder key could get lost or stolen. In order to avoid suffering from such an incident, it’s recommended to find out who can provide Transponder key services in your area and have their contact details saved.

Locksmith Services VS. Dealership

One of the most common questions that people tend to come across when they find themselves in need of a Transponder key duplication or replacement solution is whether they need to use a locksmith service or the service of the dealership for that purpose.

From a purely technical point of view – there is no difference between having a Transponder key made by either of them, as long as the choice is made between a legit dealership and a legit locksmith company that provides this type of services (not all locksmith companies do).

The thing is that mobile locksmith companies offer the great advantage of being able to make a new Transponder key on the spot, which no dealership will ever be able to offer. In many cases – the official dealership might be located in a flyover state, which makes that a lot of time would be needed until the new key reaches the customer.

when it comes to prices – it’s also recommended to compare between the two options. Most probably, though, you will discover that getting a Transponder key made by a locksmith is cheaper. Either way, it’s up to the customer to decide which option seems better. Good luck!