When it comes to the majority of long-time experienced drivers, there’s no doubt that at least once in their lifetime, it might have happened that they accidentally locked the keys inside the car.

That’s certainly not a pleasant experience; even the very thought of it seems frightening. But, there are ways of getting past the fear, and many methods to get the keys out.

Locked keys in car in Atlanta
Some have tried DIY methods, which have proved to be unsuccessful for the most part. Others prefer to go the traditional route of acquiring the services of an automotive locksmith. Either way, the goal is to unlock the door and get the keys that got locked in the car out, without damaging the vehicle.

Got a spare key?

The best way to get into the car when the keys are locked in the cabin is by using a spare key. This is especially important if the vehicle is parked in an area that is considered a “risky” zone. However, if that’s not a possibility, having the right supplies can spare car owners the cost of having to call a tow truck.

Also, here are a few DIY ways of solving the “locked keys in car” dilemma, which used to be more effective in the past, but are pretty useless when it comes to post 2000’s cars.

DIY methods to avoid

Using a Shoestring

For this simple trick, all that’s needed is a shoelace that can be made into a loop and tightened. First, make a loop in the middle of the string and tighten, then work it into the door (around the top edge), let it reach the safety lock, hoop the loop around it, tighten and pull it up.

This trick used to be famous in the 1980?s and early 1990?s and was used by thieves more often than by actual car owners who got a key locked in a car. Nowadays ? the shoestring is more a myth than a practical way to retrieve keys that got locked in a car.

Using a Strip of Plastic

This works similar to the shoe string? the only difference is that a thin, long piece of plastic is used. Bend the plastic in half and slide it through the crack of the door. When it reaches the pull-up latch, flip it up.

These methods may seem quite simple and effective for getting a locked key out of a car, however, they might be helpful only in case that the car is old and has primitive locks installed. These methods may also cause unnecessary damage to the automobile.

For the best results and to speed up things, call an automotive locksmith. A locksmith is already experienced in handling this type of job and has all the right tools to unlock the door without problems, no matter what type of car should be serviced.

Call a Locksmith if You’ve Locked the Keys in the Car

We’ve touched a little on this above; however, calling an emergency locksmith is the best approach to this situation. An automotive locksmith is professionally trained to handle lock and key issues like this one, has all the right tools, and will come to the car?s location, thus sparing the car owners the need to tow the vehicle.

Another advantage of calling an automotive locksmith is that they respond quite quickly to calls, showing up on the spot between 15 to 20 minutes from the time of call. For this to happen, one would have to get a local emergency locksmith. So, be prepared by acquiring the contact information of a reliable emergency locksmith company in your area.

Though it may be tempting to pop the lock with a crowbar, or smash the window, remember that you will need to use the car afterwards. To use a professional automotive locksmith service in order to get locked keys out of the car is way cheaper than damaging the vehicle and then paying to get it fixed. The latter would also guarantee additional waste of time and might lower the car?s value, so it?s better to rely on a specialist.

In conclusion

The consequences of utilizing primitive DIY methods can be disastrous and end up costing a lot of money. More often than not, these methods have caused serious injuries to those who are inexperienced in getting locked keys out of a car.

It’s not as easy as it is shown on a YouTube video or a blog tutorial?it takes special skills to master these DIY methods. Fortunately, few are those car owners who got their keys locked in a car more than once, so there is no need to ?get used? to this situation.

A locksmith is, without a doubt, the best and most experienced person to unlock a car door when the car keys are locked inside. In general, when it comes to lock and key issues, there are no other experts who can handle these problems, professionally, quickly and efficiently.