Do you have questions about lock rekey service? If yes, then you better read this news and find out the answers.

You probably know the answer,? When will you avail a lock rekey??. The answer would be when you lost your keys at home or in the office. The other things you know about a lock rekey is that you can simply dial a number of a locksmith company here in Atlanta, and that?s it!

You will get the service in minutes.

A lock rekey is a service delivered by a residential or commercial locksmith. You avail this service when you lost your keys because it somehow brings back your peace of mind because you know that no stranger can open your doors.

You probably have other questions about lock rekey, such as the following:

  • What exactly is a lock rekey? It is a security service which involves changing a pin-and-tumbler lock so that its old key will no longer work on it.
  • Who invented lock rekey? The person who invented this security service is Solomon Andrews. He is from New Jersey.
  • How does lock rekey work? The main point of this service is to not make the old key work on the lock again. It changes the configuration of the lock. In lock rekey, all the pins are removed from the lock cylinder. The locksmith will select new lower pins for the key marks and the shear line.
  • What are the benefits of lock rekey? There are two main benefits of getting this service than a lock change. The first one is that a lock rekey is a faster solution. You do not have to look for and choose the type of lock to use. The other reason is a lock rekey is a lot more affordable.
  • For other questions about lock rekey, call Atlanta Locksmith at (404) 800-6264.