People on a whole think of locksmiths when they?re locked out of their property or need help with a broken lock. Though these are services that a professional locksmith offer, there are plenty of others too.

Locksmiths generally offer related services like Key Duplication, Copy Key, Key Cutting, rekeying, key making, and key replacement.

Gone are the days when a locksmith’s job solely involved cutting keys and fixing locks. It can even be said that opening locks is no longer the primary function of a locksmith. The rise of technology and has taken the work modern locksmith provide to another level.
They are able to provide the ideal solution for you to keep your property safe and secure, as well as excellent problem solvers.

What other Services Do Locksmiths offer?

Aside from the ordinary and everyday services that local locksmiths provide, there are others. Below are some of the related services that locksmiths offer.

Key Cutting

A locksmith can create duplicates for any set of keys in addition to cutting keys for any type of lock (garage, cabinet, back door, padlock, upvc door, and so forth).
You can replicate auto keys, keys for security safes, and transponder keys. If you’d like a replacement set of keys, most professional locksmiths can cut keys on the spot.

Key Duplication Services

A locksmith can make an exact duplicate of your keys. The price for this type of service is also very affordable, when it’s done as an additional service.

(If you got a new lock installed, then the extra keys will be a cheap bonus, but if you only need to get a copy of a key made, the service call fee that the locksmith will charge is going to make this deal too expensive).

Master key

This is another area of work for professional locksmiths. It is mostly required by businesses, or homes of multiple occupancy, as it’s a way to minimize the number of keys required.


So what exactly is does a locksmith do when he says he’s rekeying your locks? In short, it’s like getting new locks without having to purchase new ones. By rekeying them you’ll have a new key to open the locks.

There are a many reasons to have your locks rekeyed, however, you’ll need a professional locksmith to perform the job. An expert locksmith can do this quickly and without errors as they have proper training in all areas of rekeying.

Additional Services

Some locksmiths will provide additional services such as installing security shutters, security grilles and gates, or even things like parking posts.

If you want to buy products to secure your outhouses, or a good padlock and quality chain, then these are areas a professional locksmith can help as well.

Selling, installing and repairing safes, specifying and fitting electrical access control systems, auto locksmithing, CCTV and alarm services, are all part of the additional services that you can get from a professional locksmith.

Whatever the case may be, a professional locksmith will help keep you, your family, home and business safe and secure!