When it seems that a vehicle has become challenging to start, there are several possible reasons for that. More often than not, it means that the ignition is faulty.

If this is the case, it may be time to take action on an ignition replacement. Unless you are an automotive locksmith, it is important that you seek professional help in identifying the problem correctly.

A total ignition replacement is usually more expensive than an ignition repair service, so be sure that a professional does take a look.

How to Know When an Ignition Replacement is Needed?

There are a few ways to know when an ignition replacement is required. Most commonly, the vehicle will be running for a while and will stutter, or the engine will even die suddenly, with no obvious reason.

Sometimes this may be attributed to the ignition coil getting too hot, but it may be corrected after the engine returns to the normal temperature.

In other cases, having an ignition that is damaged may cause the vehicle to not start. Something could get the ignition jammed, or the car key may need to be replaced if it’s damaged.

This can be the cause of significant damage. Unfortunately it is not possible to see if a car key is causing damage through normal use and this may only come to light after the damage has been done.

When the coil becomes damaged, the signs of a flooded carburetor will be present and the vehicle will be running extremely poorly.

Testing for Faults

The fastest way to check if an ignition replacement needs to be done; the vehicle may be turned on and run for 30 minutes. After this, gently tap on the module with a screwdriver.

In the event that the engine dies, this is the indication that the coil is bad and needs to be replaced and an ignition replacement might not be needed. The resistance of the coil can be checked with a voltmeter.

Connect the tester to the ignition module and the instructions provided with the tester will give you step by step directions. The module can be found near the carburetor, inside of the engine housing.

A low energy reading is an indication that the coil is not performing and not transferring energy to the ignition. If this is the case, an ignition replacement is not needed.

Ignition Replacement without an Automotive Locksmith

First, disconnect the battery cables from the engine and battery. There will be screws that pin down the electrical wiring, connecting the ignition module. Loosen these screws.

Be sure to place these screws in a tray or other safe place, and take off the outside housing of the module. Remove the ignition module (it looks like a large cylinder with electrical heads on the top).

Look at the old coil and identify anything that is bent or broken, this may be the cause of failure. Damaged wires, broken or bent electrical leads, damaged or missing wire connections, and even a cracked housing could all be culprits.

When the coil has been removed, inspect the inside of the ignition module. Any faults in this portion may also be the cause of ignition failure. If this is the case, an ignition replacement will be required.

Insert a new ignition coil, in the exact way that the previous one was positioned. Reassemble the module, being sure to connect all wires to the leads.

Now, place the ignition module back in its precise location. Locate the screws that were previously removed and fasten them exactly as they were. All wires should be properly secured and not sticking out from the casing of the ignition module.

Connect the battery cables back to the engine block and battery, allowing the transference of electrical power.

Now is the time to test the engine. If it does start, the new ignition coil is transferring the correct amount of power.

Notes about Ignition Replacement

Though it may seem quite easy to do, ignition replacement is a project that might be a bit more difficult for an inexperienced car owner. This would be the time to call an automotive locksmith to aid in fixing the problem.

Having their help when doing an ignition replacement will not only ensure that the job is done correctly, but that it is the correct procedure to fix the problem.

The professional help will also likely take just a short amount of time to conduct the ignition replacement, as opposed to an all day affair that could be made by someone inexperienced.