Facing car lockout situations is definitely a frustrating and exasperating experience.

For example, you may go out of your car and automatically close the door, realizing that your keys are left inside.

You may even forget your keys in the ignition, while your pet is still there. These and other similar situations require quick solutions and there is no time to wait.

Listed below are several urgent steps you can undertake in order to solve the situation yourself before calling an automotive locksmith service.

Suppose, you have a tennis ball in your pocket. Then why not use it to unlock the door of your vehicle?To unlock car door with tennis ball, you just have to burn a hole in the ball and place this hole over the keyhole.Then, you should smash or press the tennis ball in your hand as hard as possible, thus letting the air pressure from the inside part of the ball go through the keyhole and unlock the mechanism.

Pros: Simple and easy method that works well in most situations.

Requires strength and accuracy.
Another thing that can help you unlock the car door in case of emergency is a piece of string.To unlock car door with string, get a long piece of it that will ideally fit between the door frame and the car door itself.Tie a slipknot right in the middle of the string and place it at the top right corner of the car door until it gets inside the vehicle.With a side-to-side pulling motion, try to loop the slipknot around the lock and pull it thoroughly up in order to unlock the door.


This is a cheap and easy DIY method that ensures a nice result.


You should use a string of a proper diameter, because a thin spring may tear, while a thick one may not fit through the gap.

Have you forgotten your keys inside? It is easy to unlock car door with hanger! You will need a thin hanger made of wire.Try to find the pin that is usually located towards the central part of the door and insert the hook of the hanger under the rubber molding to the left of the passenger side window.As soon as you find the pin, gently pull up on the hanger.In case you don?t manage to find the pin, reinsert the hanger from the upper part of the window and move it through the rubber molding once again. Try to guide the hanger directly onto the lock and push it to unlock the door.

Pros: The method is not difficult and does not take much time.

Cons: Requires patience, accuracy and relaxed mental attitude.

If you have ordinary locks in your vehicle, you can try to unlock car door with bobby pin.Insert it into the lock and move it gently up and down, thus simulating the turning of the keys.The door will open as soon as you manage to find the right lock combination.


Easy and cheap method that can be used in case of emergency.


It may take much time to find the right combination, so you can give up the idea before you manage to unlock the door.

At any case, if these measures don’t work you can always rely upon Atlanta locksmith service to help you out in no time!