A great investment for any business is installation of enhanced security systems. Having the assurance of employees’ safety and the protection of assets are two main things any business owner strives to accomplish.

Fingerprint locks are the smart locking devices everyone’s raving about. They are discreet, look like a luxury device, and provide more protection than many ordinary locking systems.

If you’re thinking of doing a lock change or installing fingerprint locks for your business, it’s best to get the help of a commercial locksmith.

What are the Unique Features of Fingerprint Locks?

Fingerprint locks cannot be tampered with. It’s not the like the ordinary locking systems, where a lock rekey or other amendments can be done to alter the features.

The template cannot be taken apart and reassembled, which means it’s not possible to tamper with personal information.

Fingerprint locks are very economical and available to the general public, so it’s a good idea for business and residential property owners to adapt when the time to make a lock change arrives.

Why? No two persons can have the same fingerprint?not even twins, which makes it virtually impossible for someone to enter a territory without the authorized person being there to scan the finger.

It therefore is practical for businesses to start using this technology, since no one but those authorized to do so will be able to open such locks.

How do fingerprint locks work?

How Does the Device work

A fingerprint locking system has two main functions: getting an image of the finger and determining whether the patterns match that of the stored data of the original print.

Only the precise characteristics which are exclusive to that person’s fingerprint will be saved as an encrypted biometric key or arithmetic representation.

No image of the finger will be saved, only binary codes and a series of numbers which will be used in the verification process. The algorithms cannot be tampered with or converted into an image; in other words, it’s not possible to duplicate the fingerprint.

Privacy aspect of fingerprint locks

Is it Private and Clean?

Since fingerprint locks do not collect or store data, once the finger is scanned, only the mathematical representation of the person’s biometric data is kept in the system. That means it is not practical for anyone to access personal data or to steal an identity.

As for cleanliness, the scanner is not touched as often as hot spots like a water cooler spigot, or chairs and bathroom door handles, so it’s cleaner than most surfaces.

The Pros and Cons of Fingerprint Locks


  • For the reason that two people cannot have the same identity, in terms of fingerprints, it’s virtually impossible for fingerprint locks to be tampered with.
  • If you?re the owner, you can add other users. This is great for those who may need a friend or another trusted employee check on things in the office while being away on vacation.

  • The ability to remove people from the system is another advantage. In essence, having control over the list of authorized visitors is the equivalent to the lock rekeying option, though it’s easier and doesn’t cost anything.
  • One of the most annoying things is having a bunch of different keys walking around with. With fingerprint locks, there’s nothing to lose or misplace?your key is your finger.
  • Fingerprint locks come with master codes as backup, in the event that the keypad malfunctions and is no longer able to recognize the finger.
  • There are versions that come compatible with Smartphones, which allow users to gain entry via a Smartphone application.
  • Fingerprint locks come in a variety of styles that enhances the aesthetics of a door. Knobs, deadbolts and those that have handles are a few of the styles.


Fingerprint locks not only capture the image of the finger, but anything that’s on it. So grease, dirt, and other contaminants will be captured with the real image. As a result, it may reject an application if it’s not exactly the same as the original print.

Another disadvantage lies in its inability to tell the difference between a real finger and an artificial one. In other words, someone could use gelatin mold over a real finger to trick the system.

Additional features of fingerprint locks

Fingerprint Door Locks Offer more than Just Protection

For example, the SAMSUNG EXON SHS-5230 scanner lock has many cool features.

The keypad has a magic number feature wherein, an individuals are required to press two random numbers before entering the correct pin. This makes it hard for on-looking thief to memorize the code.

This particular lock can also detect the temperature in case of a fire, trigger the alarm and unlock the door as an escape route, and has the ability to recognize up to 100 fingerprints.

All in all, fingerprint locks are very affordable, secure, easy to use and difficult to manipulate. It’s a great investment for small businesses, large corporations and residential property owners.