Ruining a business is something that requires a lot of responsibility and hard work. Undoubtedly, your goal is to operate successfully in a secured environment. Many people don’t have time to address all the factors that are really important, and the security of the commercial facility (taken care of by a reliable, professional locksmith) is one of them.

This aspect, however, is an important and absolutely essential part of a business owner’s responsibility. Securing your business means more than just locking up? there are a few other measures that must be in place in order for your business to function fully. If you need a reliable commercial locksmith in Atlanta to help you, it won?t be hard to find a reliable company.

This article will highlight some solutions that will enhance the security of your business and put your mind at ease.

These solutions fall into two categories: emergency and non-emergency.

Emergency Commercial Locksmith Solutions

Business lockout

The most popular reason commercial facilities experience lockout issues, due to faulty installation of the locks, or the locks that are installed in other parts of the building don’t really match the need of where they are located, which limits access to that part of the facility.

To give an example: if there’s a door that is supposed to be opened many times throughout the day, and there are no valuable belongings and confidential documents kept there, it would make sense to use a lock change service and install a lock that have handles on both sides of the door.

Also, if you have employees who tend to lose their keys often, it would be a good idea to rekey locks, instead of installing new ones all the time.

Nonetheless, if that is not in place and you require immediate assistance in getting a door in your business place unlocked, a commercial locksmith can respond to your request very quickly.

Safe Hacking

If you are desperately trying to open a safe at your commercial facility due to lost keys or a forgotten code combination, calling a locksmith is recommended. Getting an extra key for your safe is another service that you could use.

Security Camera that Malfunctions

A security camera installed in a high-risk area needs to be in good working order at all times. If you find that something is not right, call a locksmith technician to address the commercial security needs immediately.

Non-Emergency Solutions

Panic Bars

These devices allow easy access and fast opening to exit doors. A panic bar is a big asset to commercial property in the event of an emergency. It consists of a spring-loaded metal bar that’s installed horizontally across the door.

When the bar is pushed, the door is unlatched, allowing easy and fast exit from a facility, as the door pushes outwards and not in. If you don’t have panic bars installed yet, contact a commercial locksmith to install panic bars for your business.

High Security Locks

If a lockout situation happens very often in your organization, especially in areas where it’s not intended to, instead of going through the pain of unlocking the door each time, installing a high security lock is something you can look into.

Also, instead of changing locks in your business place frequently, getting them replaced by ones that have high-security options by a commercial locksmith company is what you need. Some of these locks are the following: scanner locks, key card lock, and keypad locks.

Scanner locks are used so there’s no need to carry cards or keys. With scanner locks, an iris or fingerprint is impossible to duplicate, hence, this is one of the best ways to prevent a lockout and have full control over your property.

Keypad locks offer 4-6 digit codes to the lock. The big advantage of using these locks is that the code is not a physical object like a key that can easily get stolen. Also, if you think someone might know your code, you can simply change it.

Key card locks can significantly decrease your chances of getting locked out as it’s more effective than an ordinary key. Most people carry their cards around their necks, which makes the card harder to lose and easily accessible.

Another reason to install high security locks is for enhanced security purposes. High security locks are harder to manipulate and limit unauthorized access by far, compared to ordinary locking devices.

General Evaluations

From time to time, a business owner must evaluate his or her security conditions, to ensure that all systems are in good working order. There are many ways that security systems can get manipulated. Getting regular check-ups will help you stay ahead of the game.

Secure Business = Money Saved!

Not only will professional commercial locksmith solutions supply you with peace of mind in regards to the safety of your business, it will also save you money when it’s time to pay insurance premiums. Insurance companies will lower your insurance costs when they are aware that you are proactive about security matters.

Contacting a commercial locksmith is the best way to ensure that your business is secure, which will help you stay focused while doing other important things.